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Sustainability is your goal. How to get there? Where to start? What to focus on?

One of the biggest challenges facing organization leaders today is how to innovate, operate and grow in a world shaped by sustainable development issues.

This is where we come in.

Quantis offers comprehensive, high impact solutions for organizations that are socially responsible, environmentally accountable, and understand the stakes at hand. With a team of dedicated analysts and with expertise ranging from life cycle assessment studies to consulting and business software, Quantis helps today's and tomorrow's sustainability leaders walk the talk.

Why take a life cycle approach to achieve sustainability?

A life cycle approach identifies both opportunities and risks of a product, process or technology from material extraction to disposal. It provides a global picture, which ensures detection of environmental trade-offs and ultimately leads to better-informed decisions. Quantis experts specializes in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), an ISO 14040 standardized tool, which provides a scientific, rigorous environmental assessment of your organizations' activities or services.

Communicate environmental footprints with user-friendly footprinters

A unique DATABASE to manage your water footprint

Evaluate, analyze and manage environmental footprint with ease


Perform water footprinting for your products or your company