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USEtox 2.0: How to improve the evaluation of toxic impacts?

USEtox is the scientific consensus model to evaluate human toxicity and freshwater aquatic ecotoxicity recommended by the European Commission in ILCD handbook on impact assessment methods. USEtox also help to perform a Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). While it is being extensively tested and some limitations identified in on-going PEF pilots, a second version of the […]

What is new on the data front?

Every LCA needs data, lots of data and good data. Without inventory databases we would probably spend years for an LCA study—or we would not do LCA at all. New and more far-reaching applications of LCA, like EPD tools, company LCA, or national footprints increase the demand for data, while new developments in impact assessment, […]

A Guide to Food-Specific LCI Databases

The Food Life Cycle Inventory Database comparison chart provides life cycle assessment practitioners with a practical guide to finding reliable and consistent LCI data on farming and food processing. The chart below is not a comprehensive list of all food databases but covers the majority of high quality, transparent, LCI data recently available for food production. The guide […]

ALCIG & WFLDB: Complex acronyms that might simply your food LCAs

The food industry has been very active in using and developing Life Cycle Assessment over the past years. There are however numerous challenges when performing Life Cycle Assessment in this industry that are important to highlight and address. The first is the calculation and integration of direct emissions, the second the lack of generic data […]

Come learn with Quantis at LCM2015

The LCM 2015, which brings together the life cycle management community, will take place in Bordeaux Convention Center, France from August 30 – September 2, 2015. LCM is the go-to event for the field where experts and practitioners from companies and various institutions share solutions on how to implement life cycle approaches into strategic and […]

How to apply water footprint considering water scarcity and degradation? Results from a PhD Thesis

The recently published ISO 14046 standard provides key principles, requirements and guidelines to evaluate a water footprint. After an initial review of the standard, some are still wondering how to start evaluating the water footprint of a product. In line with the ISO 14040 – 14044 standards, the ISO 14046 does not provide a specific […]

LCA takes a modern approach to training and education

Beyond gather data and actually doing LCA, there are two major challenges for today’s LCA practitioners: 1) Training: making sure you keep up-to-date on LCA knowledge; and, 2) Education: creating internal understanding on the benefits of life cycle think and therefore LCA. There’s a strong interest from people to learn more about LCA. For students, […]

The ISO 14’046 water footprint is out! Highlight on the key aspects for LCA practitioners

The recently validated ISO 14’046 standard will help you navigate your water assessment process and solidify your strategy. But what is a water footprint? A water footprint, as defined by ISO 14’046, is a set of metric(s) that quantify(ies) the potential environmental impact related to water use. It provides the information to which extent a […]

ISO 14’046 – A short update on the status of the upcoming Water Footprint ISO standard.

The ISO 14’046 just passed an important step in February with the positive result of a vote of its members. The Draft International Standard is transformed into a Final Draft International Standard which is the last step before being published into an official ISO norm, by the end of 2014. The journey started five years […]

Online consultation – Organisation environmental footprint sector rules (OEFSR) for the retail sector

In Brief: A public consultation on the draft Organisation Environmental Footprint Sector Rules (OEFSR) for retailers just started and feedback are due before May 20th 2014. It is addressed to any organisation or person that wants to provide feedback, however it concerns retailers in particular. The document can be found by clicking on the link […]