Creating Credible Communications

More companies turn to Quantis for the sustainability communications projects because they trust the metrics behind the message. Quantis communications projects include sustainability reports, communications campaigns, online tool development, data visualization, infographics and more. Contact Carole Dubois to learn how we can help you create credible and engaging communications.

Corporate Reporting

Your Needs

Optimize the process of reporting on your environmental goals and achievements to:

  • Frameworks such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and others
  • Stakeholders, shareholders, partners and key opinion leaders

Our Proposition

Complete compliance and reporting questionnaires

Advise on what to measure, assess and declare

Assess your CSR report and provide options for improvement

Our Added Value

Quantis scientific experts collaborate with and advise global reporting organizations on their standards

Excellent understanding of reporting initiatives and expectations

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Product Reporting

Product Environmental Reporting, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Labelling

Your Needs

Communicate the environmental performance of your products

Understand the differences and complementarity of the various labelling initiatives

Carry out a pilot test within the scope of a labelling Initiative

Develop EPDs of your products following the lastest Product Category Rules (PCRs)

Avoid greenwashing

Our Proposition

Recommend the initiative and PCR adapted to your objectives

Evaluate the environmental footprint of your product following the chosen guidelines and PCRs

Identify and develop the best product communication strategy

Create dedicated pictograms for labels, as well as QR codes and complementary web pages

Our Added Value

Direct involvement in the main global and national initiatives

Quantis SUITE 2.0, our template-based software that allows for a seamless transition between frameworks

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