CSR Strategy

Your CSR Strategy Needs

Develop an effective and efficient CSR plan to reach milestones and objectives

Make your organization more responsible in order to:

  • Manage risks
  • Avoid environmental non-compliance
  • Optimize your operational costs
  • Recruit and retain the best talents
  • Attract customers
  • Differentiate your business

Publish a CSR Report

Our Proposition

In-depth analysis of your current social, environmental and governance practices

Create brief on your stakeholders’ expectations

Develop an action plan and help you implement it

Benchmark your industry and competitors

Our Added Value

Expertise in strategic CSR sectors and knowledge of international standards (ISO 26000, GRI, CDP)

Life Cycle Thinking perspective

Quantis Values of integrity, innovation and rigor

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Environmental Management

Your Environmental Management Needs

Focus your efforts on the most urgent environmental issues

Establish and track KPIs of your organizations’ sustainability performance

Answers to complex environmental questions

Decision-support tools

Communicate on your strategy, actions and results to internal or external stakeholders

Our Proposition

Assess your environmental footprint or process it with our software, Quantis SUITE 2.0

Establish science-based KPIS to quantify your environmental impact and to establish and track your action plan

Challenge your strategy and advise on the best options

Identify resource allocation options for optimal impact

Our Added Value

Expertise in the latest scientific methods and tools

Diverse client portfolio

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Responsible Procurement

Your Responsible Procurement Needs

A holistic understanding of your supply chain in order to:

  • Know if you are at risk with the products and services you buy
  • Ensure the supply of core materials
  • Build good supplier relationships
  • Integrate social and environmental criteria in your procurement process

Our Proposition

Supply chain risk and opportunity assessment

Development of specifications for products and services

Drafting of procurement policies and guidelines

Internal training and support to implement responsible purchasing

Our Added Value

In-depth understanding of the life cycle approach to determine and prioritize social and environmental issues

A global network that allows us to work with suppliers, wherever they are based

Extensive experience that enables us to propose adapted implementation practices according to your business realities

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Integrating LCA in product development

Your Eco-design Needs

Improve the environmental process and performance of your products

A structured framework to implement your eco-design projects

Encourage internal engagement among cross-functional groups - R&D, marketing, new product development - in your eco-design project

Go beyond LCA and integrate functional and cost-benefits analysis

Our Proposition

Designing a structured approach including market opportunities, product functionality, costs and regulatory constraints

Delivering a framework for your organization’s Ecodesign Management System (ISO 14006)

Project support powered by IMPULSIO – a SaaS platform dedicated to eco-design, integrating LCA, Functional and Cost-benefits analysis

Our Added Value

A team of multi-disciplinary experts - LCA, marketing and communications - essential to successful eco-design projects

Development of IMPULSIO - a software platform dedicated to eco-design

IMPULSIO developed with the support of the French Ministry of Industrial Renewal


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