World Food LCA Database

Providing reliable and up-to-date data for more accurate food and beverages life cycle assessments (LCA), decisions and communication


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Bringing expertise and data from the food industry

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Bringing together experts from all stakeholders of the food chain to develop a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of food LCA data

Information from farm to the manufacturing and end-of-life

Geographical data to reach regionalised datasets


Comprehensive and international inventory database for accurate and precise food life cycle assessments

Latest news

The Methodological Guidelines for the World Food LCA Database are available!

To download the guidelines (version 2.0), click here.

These guidelines support the development of the database and details the methodological approach on multiple issues such as emission models at the farm, land use change, water use, application of pesticides, data collection procedures and data quality assessment.

For more information, contact us at wfldb@quantis-intl.com.

  • Reliable, transparent and up-to-date database for environmental assessments including more than 200 datasets within 10 categories

  • Compliant with ecoinvent's quality guidelines

  • Compatible and coherent with existing software and databases e.g SimaPro, Gabi, Quantis SUITE 2.0

  • In line and complementary with existing initiatives (ILCD, The Sustainability Consortium, UNEP, etc.)

  • Be the first to use reliable, transparent and coherent data enabling you to do your LCAs with less work

  • Improve your external communication by engaging in a concrete manner in sustainability issues

  • Collaborate with the largest companies in the food sector, public authorities and other stakeholders in the food value chain


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